As far back as anyone can remember, having plastic surgery is still one of the most controversial medical procedures. Even in the modern generation where all sorts of safety nets and precise medical procedures can be provided, the general public is still not that open when it comes to invasive procedures for the sake of aesthetic improvements.

It’s also quite sad that the initial impression of most people upon hearing plastic surgery is that it’s exclusively for vanity purposes. But the truth is that a substantial percentage of plastic surgery procedures are done in order to improve a patient’s quality of life. There’s a reason why some people categorically refer to beautification procedures as cosmetic surgery instead of plastic surgery. Here are some examples of how plastic surgery helps people live better as well as save lives.

  1. Burn repair surgery

Burnt skin looks horrendous. No matter how most people get politically correct about it, skin that was licked by flames is going to look disfigured. However, the more compelling reason why people go through burn surgery is to avoid the recurring and agonizing pains that come along with it. The damage done by flames is never only skin deep, except the mildest of burns, of course. Undergoing plastic surgery is the most logical way of taking away the nagging pain. However, it’s definitely a must to go to the best plastic surgeon to make sure that a complex procedure such as burn repair surgery goes smoothly.


  1. Repairing congenital defect

Although quite rare, there’s a large number of the population who are born with cleft palate. Sure, from a shallow perspective, it is pretty funny to hear them speak. But anyone who is sensible enough to understand how teasing can lead to depressing insecurities know better than to make fun of them. People with cleft palate should go into surgery with the mind-set of finally fixing their ability to communicate, not to avoid all the teasing. Whichever their motivation to undergo surgery may be, it’s certain that a corrective procedure done by an expert surgeon can help them significantly.


  1. Breast reduction

For most people, hearing about breast reduction doesn’t make any sense. Why would anyone want a smaller breast when so many others are seeking to make theirs bigger? The fact is that there are polar opposites of breast size. And while women with almost flat breasts don’t have any physical issues with theirs, women who have outrageously-sized breasts have to deal with the weight that gradually compromises their spine’s health. Objectification of breasts trivializes the troubles that large-breasted women have to deal with on a daily basis. Fortunately, clinics look at it from a practical perspective.

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